Saturday, February 25, 2006

Your Face

A smile hidden
Behind a beautiful face,
Bursting its seams
Trying to get out.
Let it escape
And smile for me.
Part those lips
And let it be free.

Your face seems strange
Looking so sad.
Hammered by the
Reality of the world.
Your face lights up
With your lovely grin;
Forget the troubles
Of our planet.

They don't matter,
Not to me or to you.
Your smile is dying,
But don't let it go;
It is my happiness.
When I see your face
Looking so glum,
And a smile bursts out
And you are full of laughter,
I forget the world and
I forget the pain,
And all I can see
Is you smiling at me.

1 comment:

Manuel said...

Wow, beautiful poem! Didn't know you were that good at poetry, I'm impressed!!

But I'm far more impressed by the honesty of the comment! God bless you!