Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Colours of Redemption

All waters receding at last!
The longest year had passed.
A dove brought back the olive leaf,
With the sweet smell of relief!
The covering had been enough
To brave the waves so tough;
Divine design had proved the tub
Which bore them through the rub.

After much waiting for the Word
“Go forth with all”, they heard.
Living creatures, fowl, beasts, creepers,
Emerged with believers.
Two or more of every kind
Not a colour out of mind;
That altar built for offering
Gave thanks unto the King.

Remembrance of a sacrifice
Paid for their sin the price,
Of old and yet to come by death
To cover for their breath;
Confirmation of the promise
Made at their genesis,
Of transcendent friendship restored;
Most undeserved reward.

Of colour the restoration,
And only foundation.
Of colour the full salvation,
And its preservation.
Never would the waters return
Such was divine concern;
Never again would seasons fail,
Although our sins prevail.

And as a sign of this decree
Eternally to be,
“I do set my bow in the cloud,”
The mighty words were vowed.
So today these colours we see
Inseparably free,
In the circle vast, hung in air
Incomparably fair.

The rainbow beams amidst darkness
Despite despair to bless.
When bleakest clouds stretch, spread, and shroud,
Our hearts may still sing loud.
Colours myriad 'round the throne,
Make clear what has been shown
Some purchased, through judgment, by grace
From each tribe, tongue, and race.

Though clouds be vast and numerous
To damn the blasphemous,
Yet a remnant still, of each shade,
Just as vile, given aid.
Every colour distinct in beauty,
Yet all in one with glee.
Each part of eternal glory,
Forever praising Thee.

- Sam W.