Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Real reasons why the KJV is superior to modern translations

This was said to a friend and brother of mine recently who was criticising the NIV:

"All translations are corrupt. KJV is messed up, especially in 1 Jn according to proper cannon. Discernment is the key. Don't go throwing away your NIV's. A good expositor can weed this stuff out."

But not everyone in the church knows Greek and Hebrew, that's why we need a trustworthy translation from the right textual sources.

The KJV is not perfect, but it is based on the right manuscript tradition, using biblical methods of textual criticism understanding God's sovereign providence and the preservation of His Word for His church in all ages (rather than what is popular with scholars, i.e. antiquity = best), and it is translated using a biblical translation approach (literal rather than interpretive thought-for-thought, since then we have only a commentary rather than the Bible), and it is in readable, understandable English. It was translated by trustworthy men who were also excellent scholars. It is the mature fruit of the Reformation's Bible translation work. It has served the English-speaking churches for 400 years across denominational boundaries, tried and tested.

It is still the best English translation.

Modern translations cannot hold a candle to it on all these counts. Instead of bringing more consistency or clarity or certainty they cause endless debate and confusion and uncertainty. The great proliferation of modern translation in our modern age is a terrible evil, more stimulated by the love of money than the love of God's truth and His people.

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