Monday, April 20, 2009

FYP finished! Now exams...

Probably the next post will be after the exams - the next four weeks are going to be intense. I would love to tell all about our amazing time in Ballymena with the lovely saints of the CPRC, but that will have to wait.

I'd also love to tell about the next lecture in Limerick that is coming up, but that too will have to wait. See details on the Limerick Reformed website. The important thing is that you didn't need to be at part one to get a lot out of part two. Sounds like it will be superb and very encouraging. It's really crazy that the very same issues that were dealt with in the Reformation by men like Calvin (by God's mighty grace), are just as bad, if not worse today. May God help us.

Now, to the subject of this post, I finally finished my FYP last thursday and handed it up on Friday. I took a breather last weekend again, and now I feel ready and rejuvenated to tackle the coming weeks head on - for the glory of my Saviour and my God.

Next few challenges are six essays to prepare and memorise for the exams, and some lecture notes to catch up on. But then, I'm finished college. Weird. I hope that I will seek first the Kingdom of God in all my study and whatever work I have to do.

- Sam W.

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manuelkuhs said...

Praise God you finally got your FYP done!

May we now study for our exams, and may we do it out of love for God and gratitude for the great salvation He has wrought for us.