Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Faith: the Only Cure for Pragmatism

 (Written to a man defending R.C. Sproul's supposed co-operation with Arminians, who also defended the supposed claim that Whitefield and Wesley co-operated)

"How can two walk together except they be agreed?" By dissimulation, certainly, by dishonesty, and by craftiness indeed, but not in true fellowship. If two believe fundamentally different messages (even diametrically opposed messages, which are not only incompatible, but antithetical to one another), how can they co-operate in the work of spreading such messages? They can only co-operate in spreading one or the other. And always in such attempts to co-operate, it is the truth that is compromised for the sake of lies. Why? Because God is jealous for His glory, and will not share it with another. He will not bless efforts which profane His holy name.

But we serve Jesus Christ alone, and therefore have no need for the co-operation of men. It is God who preserves, defends and spreads His Gospel in order to gather and sanctify His church from every tongue, tribe, and nation. So, if we are His instruments in bearing witness to this Gospel, what aid could we possibly need in addition, since the power of God is with us? The temptation for whatever reason to co-operate in church work (which is primarily the preaching of the Gospel) with those who preach a false gospel ought to be condemned by seeing with the eyes of faith that whatever power or resources they might seem to offer is nothing is comparison the thousands upon thousands of the chariots of God, which we must learn to see by faith.

The sinful compromising philosophy of pragmatism only seems attractive when we take our eyes off Jesus who is reigning at the right hand of the throne of God. The arm of the flesh seems tempting only the eyes of the flesh, not to the eyes of faith, and so there are many today who need reminded of this and exhorted to repent and cast off entirely the help of the wisdom of the princes of Egypt which is no help at all, no matter what it seems.

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