Sunday, November 15, 2009

A prayer for elders

Also we pray Thee,
True Father and Saviour,
For all those whom Thou hast ordained
By Thy believers
And to whom Thou hast committed
The care of souls
And the dispensing of Thy sacred gospel,
That Thou mayest lead them
And conduct them
By Thy Holy Spirit,
In order that they may be found
Faithful and loyal ministers
Of Thy glory,
Having always this end,
That all the poor wandering and lost sheep,
Being gathered and led back
To the Lord Jesus Christ,
Chief pastor and prince of bishops;
In order that, from day to day,
They may profit and grow in Him
Unto all righteousness and holiness.

Moreover, pray deliver all churches
From the clutches of ravening wolves
And from all hirelings who seek
Their own ambition and profit,
And not the exaltation
Of Thy holy name alone
And the well-being of Thy flock.

- John Calvin.
(quoted from "The Piety of John Calvin", Ford Lewis Battles, trans., ed., New Jersey: P&R Publishing.)

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